Pilgrimage of grace essay

But once it the city, things started to go wrong. Suffolk, as was almost a tradition, gave all the rebels the opportunity to return home without bloodshed and gave a promise that Henry would look into some of the policies that had angered them.

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He felt that a Catholic Europe during his time period would be better than the Protestant Europe it was becoming. Pilgrimage of grace essay.

The deputation of rebel envoys did not include any major leader. Pontefract Castle surrendered on October 21st. His delaying tactic worked.

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Much is known Pilgrimage of grace essay this revolt as it was well documented at the time. Robert Aske, an able lawyer from an important Yorkshire family, became the accepted leader of the Yorkshire rebels. The participants who opposed the Pilgrimage of Grace disagree in many ways with those who supported the movement.

In fact, they had waged the rebellion against the Privy Council in the Pilgrimage of grace essay of the king. Nine of the demands were specifically religious while six were specifically political.

At the time protestants and catholics had very different views and religion was a source of tension, even though both groups are Christians. In the first trials against the members of the Pilgrimage of Grace inpeople were tried and convicted.

Therefore, troops had to be brought in from other areas of the kingdom. Aske and the other rebel leaders at Doncaster believed that they had won a great victory. How much of a threat was the Pilgrimage of Grace to Henry? All in all there were not many concerns in the documents produced by those who opposed the Pilgrimage, simply because there were so few.

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In fact, Henry was simply buying time. They should just stay and obey the King, rather they go and continue to protest. It was agreed that if the rebels disbanded: Henry bought more time by asking the pilgrim envoys to clarify certain points that he failed to fully understand.

The trials lasted from January to March, but the Pilgrimage stopped protesting in February of that year. Therefore, as the rebels marched south, their numbers may well have grown greatly.

They took the first opportunity they were given to withdraw themselves from the rebels. The goals of the Pilgrimage of Grace were to give power back to the Catholic Church in Europe and take credibility from Proestants, but instead their concerns of the Protestant Reformation overshadowed them and their goals were not reached.

The goals of the participants in the Pilgrimage of Grace were numerous and demanded many changes.

Pilgrimage of grace essay

Isreview anarchism and other essays center for space exploration technology research papers. Ultimately after everything Elizabeth acquired the throne, become the the ruler of the Church of England and had the churches and land.

It was almost as if victory against Aske and his followers spurred Henry to push ahead with his changes; which is what he did.

Pilgrimage of Grace

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The one advantage they had was the fact that Aske did not want conflict. Aske remained in Yorkshire to ensure that the rebels organisation maintained itself if the king failed to deliver.Nov 18,  · Pilgrimage of grace essay.

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Free Essay: DBQ Pilgrimage of Grace The Pilgrimage of Grace was to protest Henry VIII’s actions such as his Act of Supremacy. This lead to the implementation. How far were economic factors to blame for the Pilgrimage of Grace?

Essay - Sparked in Lincolnshire in October and expanding rapidly through Yorkshire and the far north, the Pilgrimage of Grace was a popular rising that presented a “major armed challenge to the Henrician Reformation”. DBQ Pilgrimage of Grace The Pilgrimage of Grace was to protest Henry VIII’s actions such as his Act of Supremacy.

This lead to the implementation of new polices such as taxes, the expansion of the royal power in the North of England, the dissolution of monasteries, and the confiscation of Catholic Church lands. Pilgrimage of Grace Essay When Martin Luther posted the 95 theses inhe had changed the entire path of European politics and religion.

He sparked a thought in the region that in many cases, converted people’s basic Christian beliefs. At the time, the Roman Catholic Church was. During the sixtieth century there were many religious reformations in Western Europe, which separated away from the Roman Catholic Church.

Inthe beginning of the protestant reformation in England started with the Act of supremacy, which made Henry VIII head of the Church of England.

Pilgrimage of grace essay
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