International humanitarian law essay competition 2013

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Please include the following information in the cover email: However, it must contain the title of the essay. Each participant shall be permitted to submit only one individual entry.

Ensayo 2013: 5th International Essay Writing Competition on International Humanitarian Law

The Rules and Regulations will be published online on 10 September It provides that armed groups should not use children under 18 in any circumstances and calls on States to criminalize such parties.

Joint entries shall not be permitted. The Case will be send to the participating teams on 5 November but only if ICLN received the registration fee or a proof of payment!

Ethiopian student wins international humanitarian law essay competition

About the Author s. Geneva Convention relates to the treatment of prisoners of war. Teams that fail to present their speeches of welcome do not receive any points. In April, we called on the Iraqi authorities to end the collective punishment of families with perceived ties to IS, and in May, we called on the Nigerian authorities to investigate and address the ill-treatment and abuse of women who had fled from areas under Boko Haram control.

San Remo New Voices in IHL Competition

For more information see the competition website here. He presented three basic proposals designed to mitigate the suffering of the victims of war. Regression analysis suggested that if the effects of violence were removed, all cause mortality could fall to almost normal rates.

Both teams qualified to the Semi Finals. During these two rounds the teams should give their interpretation from the perspective of international humanitarian law. Destruction of the state health system during war; this creates a power-vacuum of health care provision, incentivizing private actors to establish themselves in domains previously the responsibility of the government.

If the time limit for the speech is exceeded, the team will be given a point deduction. To avoid future cycles of mistreatment, marginalization, and extremism, the governments of both countries, with requisite pressure and assistance from international organizations, must uphold the rights of all citizens by delivering genuine justice rather than abuse that could spur resentment and a new round of violence.

Since three Protocols have been adopted to the Geneva Conventions. Those instances of convergence and compromise are the source of the legal conventions in question.

Essay Competition: Sanremo New Voices in IHL

During the competition students compete in the role of the Prosecutor, Defence and alternatively, Victims Representatives or States. The outcomes of these efforts will be crucial. For instance they lack authority or independent legal instrument of enforcement against those aggressors of the conventions and other agreement.

Both countries are marked in the bracket of the worst jailers of journalists. The relevant example is that all articles in the conventions have no commanding phrases addressing to that will breach the agreement or any law or treaty will either be punished or expelled from the system.

Ina new Protocol to the Convention on cultural property was adopted. The nature of the taunts and abuse faced by women perceived to have IS or Boko Haram ties highlights another complexity in who the authorities are branding as affiliates. Additional points can be gained by the team by depicting its national character in the welcoming speech.

Inthe international community adopted a treaty to help reduce the human suffering caused by explosive remnants of war and bring rapid assistance to affected communities. To ensure such protection, it is forbidden to attack or destroy these services, or to render them inoperable.

The International Institute of Humanitarian Law and the International Committee of the Red Cross have the pleasure of inviting the submission of short essays, which address questions related to one of the following broad topics:News Release 13/ Algiers (ICRC) – Five Algerian students who wrote prize-winning essays on "Emir Abdelkader and international humanitarian law" in a competition organized for secondary schools in Algiers, Tizi-Ouzou, Constantine, Mascara and Adrar, will.

Sanremo New Voices in International Humanitarian Law – Essay Competition – On the occasion of the 41st Round Table on Current Issues of International Humanitarian Law, the International Institute of Humanitarian Law and the.

Algeria: Students draw inspiration from Emir Abdelkader

On the occasion of the 41st Round Table on Current Issues of International Humanitarian Law the International Institute of Humanitarian Law and the International Committee of the Red Cross are pleased to launch our very first ‘Sanremo New Voices in International Humanitarian Law’ essay competition.

The winner will be invited to present at the Round Table in Sanremo (Italy) on Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. The Academy was created to promote practical approaches to human rights and humanitarian law as well as to strengthen links between human rights organizations, practitioners, and educators worldwide.

This free Law essay on International humanitarian law is perfect for Law students to use as an example. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has recognized an Ethiopian law student for winning an essay competition on the topic of international humanitarian law (IHL).

Rahel Alemayehu, from Mekelle University, won the East African competition organized by the .

International humanitarian law essay competition 2013
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