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Be objective and avoid personal references i. What about thermal physics? Write in past tense. Heavier objects take a longer time to reach their terminal velocity. If the acceleration is zero, the velocity is constant and the object is moving at a constant rate.

How does temperature affect the viscosity of fluids? Football Examples How does the pressure of a football affect the rebound height after one bounce How does the angle that a football is kicked affect the range of the football? Go up Hypothesis We believe that as the drop height increases, the coefficient of restitution will stay the same.

A deceleration negative graph would be a decrease of velocity. Examiners HATE you writing artificial comments about your interests. If your supervisor tells you to use a specific style, then do that. How does the thickness of human hair affect the Young Modulus?

Did anything go wrong during the experiment itself? Design Criterion As we study how the changing value of the independent variable affects the measured value of the dependent variable, we try to keep other variables constant during the measurement.

State the answer to your research question, first and foremost.

IB Physics

Do back up your topic with background information in your introduction, if you have any. If the question only asks for the addition of 0. How does temperature affect the speed of sound in a solid? This value, usually represented as the letter g, can be replaced with a in the above formulae when appropriate.

When rounding to the appropriate number of significant figures, we get 84, 94 and Recall from an earlier lessonthat if an object travels downward and speeds up, then its acceleration is downward. Variable X is the independent variable and should be easily changeable Variable Y is the dependent variable and should be easily measurable.Identify the acceleration of a body falling in a vacuum near the Earth’s surface with the acceleration g of freefall.

Hammer and feather drop on moon (Apollo 15) Solve problems involving the equations of uniformly accelerated motion. website under the IB Physics SL link, Unit Documents, “IB Documents” Folder.!This is an algebra-based class, so any specific math skills required to understand physics are appropriate for a junior.

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If you need help finding good Physics IA ideas then look no further! In under 15 minutes you'll learn how to choose your perfect IB Physics IA topic and read a range of examples ideas. 4/28 - Thursday - EP Wk 11 & 12, All test corrections & makeup work.

4/21 Thursday - EP Wk 9 & 10, Magnetism & Nuclear Unit RP. 4/20 Wednesday - Nuclear & Modern Book Problems, Nuclear & Modern Physics Test.

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This calculus-based course completes the Level I sequence for a major in physics, and also provides a quantitative understanding of physics concepts applicable in biological and geological sciences and in.

Sagar Sood IB Physics Yr. 1 IB Lab Report Due: 9th October, 08 INTRODUCTION In this free fall lab, the investigation will relate to the one factor that affects a 5/5(1).

Ib physics ia freefall
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